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Roncy Residents Resent Imminent Tim Hortons Intrusion

A franchisee plans on opening a Tim Hortons on the corner of Roncesvalles Ave. and Fern Ave. in a space that has been vacant for over two years, and the NIMBYs are not pleased at the arrival of a chain. At a meeting between the franchisees, some Tim's executives, and the neighbors, locals complained that they didn't have say over the deal, predicted that they would push mom and pops out of business, discussed traffic, parking, and the brightness of the sign, and complained that no one would be getting up and baking at the store every day (though, as writer and Roncy resident Joe Florito points out, "In truth, someone at the Tim's really will be getting up and baking, even if they're baking trucked-in frozen product.").

Florito isn't welcoming the addition with open arms, but he does take a step back and note, "it seems to me that a storefront that was empty for two years, unable to attract a mom and pop or anyone else, is a blight on the neighbourhood."
· Roncy residents say to Tim Hortons, not on my Main Street: Fiorito [Toronto Star]

Tim Horton's

175 Roncesvalles Ave., Toronto, OR