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Female Chefs of The Dinner Party on 'Gods of Food'

Last night was the second anniversary of The Dinner Party, a fundraising event hosted by chef Alexandra Feswick that celebrates Toronto based female chefs. The National Post interviewed some of the participating female chefs: Tara Lee of Skin & Bones, Trish Gill of The Dock Ellis, Charolette Langley of Catch and Leonie Lilla of The Libertine. Topics under discussion included the importance of events that celebrate women in food and the recent article in Time Magazine, "The Dudes of Food" whose list of 13 Gods of Food did mention a single woman. Here are a few highlights:
Trish Gill: "I'm sincerely outraged at the extent to which women are overlooked in kitchens."

Charlotte Langley: "Being two or three times better isn't good enough. You have to be ten times better than everyone to be recognized."

Alexandra Feswick: "I don't want to see women published in lists like 'The Gods of Food' because they are women, and not because they're great chefs."

Charlotte Langley: "The Time magazine article … I respect the chefs in that article as chefs, not male chefs. They should return the etiquette."

Trish Gill: "Quotas should never be filled by any certain sex, race or other consideration. The best are the best. Full stop. It's just heartbreaking that in 2013, some of the best aren't considered because of gender."

Charlotte Langley: "Leading by example is something I have always believed in. Leading as a female chef gives others hope."
—Layla Khabiri
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