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Reviews for Drake One Fifty, Zakkushi, More

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Joanne Kate is not impressed with the food or the noise at Drake One Fifty. The review starts off with a description of the decibel level: "The place is so loud that conversation is impossible." Her overall impression of the food is "Lousy. Not mediocre. Lousy. The charred octopus has a "cotton-ball texture with no char." The hamburger gets some praise, but the the reviewer took exception to the fact they didn't ask her how she wanted it cooked. The "fries are weird" with "an unfortunate soft mealy texture." She doesn't like the lobster pizza either: "ordinary tomato sauce and carefully cooked small chunks of lobster do not an exciting night make." [Post City]

Chris Nuttall-Smith visits, Zakkushi, the first Toronto outpost of the Vancouver based chain. The vibe "feels relaxed and welcoming, far more like a neighbourhood joint than a brand extension." The dishes are mostly winners, too: "That seaweed salad – a tangle of bright, surprisingly crunchy wakame ribbons – glimmers with soy, sesame and rice vinegar flavours under its refreshing seacoast salinity." Especially, the "grilled eel that numbs your mouth with Szechuan peppercorns as you eat it." One of the only items Nuttall- Smith disliked was the sashimi: "If you feel an urge to order sashimi, don't. It's not bad, but it isn't good." [The Globe and Mail]

Toronto Life checks out the Leslieville location of Delica Kitchen. One and a half stars are awarded for the innovative, but occasionally oversalted food and the exceptional desserts."The menu advertises wholesome ingredients and inventive flavours, and mostly delivers." The chicken slaw is a "terrific" combination of "crisp napa cabbage, lots of soft breast meat and crunchy, spicy pepitas dressed in a puckery ginger vinaigrette." The soup made with sweet potato and jalapeño is a bit too salty, but "just about every dessert—sweet strawberry jammies, chewy, salt-spangled chocolate chip cookies—is buttery and wonderful" [Toronto Life]

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—Layla Khabiri
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Touro Churrascaria | Brazilian Steakhouse & Wine Bar

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