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Saturday's Blackout; Bar Buca is Finally Complete

QUEEN WEST - Saturday night's huge power outage in the Queen & Bathurst area had chefs and restaurant owners showcase a new skill-set – service in the dark. The blackout happened right in the middle of dinner forcing those without generators to improvise and get a little creative; candles, raw food menu, iPod and cellphone flashlights. Some were even getting a little comfortable working in the dark. And then there was light.
Bar Buca Opening

KING WEST – Looks like the long anticipated/highly challenging Bar Buca is finally complete. The 75 Portland Street space aims at bringing the Italian café/bar concept to the city. While tenants of the residential building have been less than thrilled at the idea, chef Rob Gentile took to his Instagram this weekend to share the good news. [Instagram]
[Photo via @robb_gentile]