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Ford Nation Driving Tour; Drake's Neighbour; Leaside Residents Are Upset

Photo via Curbed Toronto

ETOBICOKE— Home of Toronto's most talked about Mayor. If you want to check out Rob Ford's neighbourhood, take our crack house driving tour through the area. A bungalow owned by Sandro Lisi's family is on the market. The house was recently under police surveillance linked to the Ford crack scandal.

LEASIDE— Leaside residents are concerned over the proposed new condo on Laird Drive, making the building the street's first condo. Owners in the area are concerned about the height of the building and bringing more density and traffic to the area.

YORKVILLE— On the market, we have a two bedroom townhouse with eccentric interior decor. The owners are asking $4.195 million for the 4,100 plus square foot property. Hip hop artist Drake recently sold his condo in the same complex for $3.75 million, after lowering his price.

ANNEX— There's a proposed new student residence happening near Bloor Street and Spadina Avenue in the former post office building. We expect opposition from the community who have already opposed other student residences in the area.