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Cocktail Week Recap

October 28 to November 1 was Cocktail Week across Eater National, and in case you imbibed a little too heavily to recall all the goodies, we've made you a recap of Toronto's highlights!

MONDAY— We kicked off the week with a Cocktail Heatmap, showcasing where the hottest and newest cocktail bars are right now. Some of the best: Geraldine, The Chase, 3030 Dundas West and Hitch.

TUESDAY— Balancing off the hot newbies, we met with industry legend Joe Gomes, who's been working at Park Hyatt's The Roof Lounge for 54 years. Talk about a lifer! Gomes shared his wisdom on trends, longevity and customer service. Oh and his most memorable experience on the job was, you know, just a little thing called saving a man's life.

WEDNESDAY— To help you through hump day, Eater talked to some of the best bartenders in the biz to find out where they go to drink when they're not at work. And guess what? They all said Churchill. [Insert image of groupies making mad dash to Dundas and Ossington here.]

THURSDAY— And to nurse all those hangovers after hitting up the hotspots and favourite cocktail joints over the past few days, we showered you with remedies during Hangover Power Hour. Brunch and Caesars and spliffs, oh my!

FRIDAY— Finishing off the week, everyone's favourite time of day, 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., went plaid map. Yes that's right. Eater's done a proper and made a Happy Hour Heatmap directing you to the best cinq a sept in the city.

Know of any new bars opening or favourites closing? Want to give a shout out to your favourite cocktail bar in the city? Leave your comments below or email
[Photo: Cocktail Bar/Yelp]