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Bourdain on Mayor Ford; 3030 Kitchen Battle

County General/Yelp

MONTREALTIME Magazine released their food issue and other than the usual suspects - David Chang, Alex Atala and Rene Redzepi on the cover - in their "Influential Outliers" section they give props to Montreal's Joe Beef. [Eater Montreal]

THE JUNCTION3030 Dundas West's kitchen battle is back. Taking place on the first and third Thursdays of the month, tonight's showdown features fish & chip butty, sweet sesame ribs, duck jelly dumpling, corn fritters and more! All items are $5 and votes will be taken by the servers. [Twitter]

WEST QUEEN WESTThe County General is cooking up a li'l something-something for tomorrow's dinner special. Imagine: Albacore tuna confit, persimmon and roasted garlic. [Twitter]

TORONTOAnthony Bourdain tweets about our mayor, calling Rob Ford the "love child of Rick James and Shamu." [Twitter]