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Bloggers Brunch; Indian Rice Factory Closed

Chai Bar/Yelp

WEST QUEEN WESTFat Girl Food Squad is having a party at The Samuel J. Moore on November 9 for "Bloggers Who Brunch." Cost is $23 and the event is for independent/freelance writers, bloggers, photographers and new media peeps. [Facebook]

KING WESTLuce, a new pizza joint, opened up on King West. Located in the bottom of a condo tower, this casual trattoria features pizzas, pastas, sandwiches and desserts. [Toronto Life]

THE ANNEX— Dupont Street's Indian Rice Factory and its adjacent Chai Bar have closed. Reputed to be the oldest Indian resto in the city, after 43 years in business and the death of original chef Amar Patel three years ago, Indian Rice Factory broke the news over Twitter. [BlogTO]