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Concession Stands Up Their Ante at The ACC

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Long gone are the days of boiled hot dogs and Cracker Jack caramel popcorn; today's sports stadiums are serving up much fancier - and more expensive - fare. At the Air Canada Centre this is perhaps most noticeable, with Real Sports, e11even, Hot Stove Club and the Air Canada Club as part of its restaurant offerings.

While the ACC offers an extensive list of quality eats, unfortunately not all stadiums are created equal.

The Rogers Centre is not quite there yet, always a tad behind its Bremner Boulevard neighbour. There's Sightlines Carvery & Bar and the TD Comfort Clubhouse; otherwise the concession stands may have fancy signs and cute names (like Muddy York and the Hogtown Grill) but they aren't making waves in the kitchen.

Well, the infamous pickle on a stick from Shopsy's is always a sure-fire hit.

Do you know of any new restos opening up in or near the ACC, Rogers Centre or BMO Field? Leave your comments below or email!
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