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Is Bo Ssäm Toronto's New Taco?


From David Chang's Momofuku Daish? to Parkdale's Chantecler, tongues are wagging that bo ssäm is the latest big food trend to hit Toronto, likening it to the mighty taco.

The fish taco craze that swept the city lasted years; bo ssäm is relatively new to the "trendy" scene (although it's been served with less, er, finesse at standard Korean restos for a while).

What is this dish exactly? It's basically a big roasted slab of pork that gets torn up at the table by patrons (not waiters) and made into lettuce wraps. The fanciest version costs $200 at Daish? - and comes with a dozen oysters, whole slow cooked pork shoulder, bibb lettuce, white rice kimchi and scallions.

Perhaps bo ssäm is actually an Atkins-friendly take on the fish taco: gluten-free, heavy on the protein. It's also a lot more fitting for a city once called Hogtown that's not exactly a fisherman's paradise.
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