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Everyone's Falling for Catch's Chef Right Now

Oceanwise seafood restaurant Catch has been around since last year but this spring they took on a new chef, Charlotte Langley, and she's quite popular right now.

Back when Nigel Finely controlled the kitchen, Amy Pataki gave Catch three-and-a-half stars. Finley's "The Gout" came with two dozen smoked oysters stuffed inside a trout stuffed inside a baby goat, and spiced with ras el hanout.

Langley, who hails from Prince Edward Island, brings a sense of imagination to the Hillcrest Village restaurant's menu. Her s'mores could give Big Crow a run for its money.

The seafood superstar has also shared her bouillabaisse recipe with Karolyne Ellacott, saying it's perfect for the autumn and inspired by a lobster bisque.
[Photo: @catch_toronto]
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744 St. Clair Ave. West Toronto ON