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Gehry Wants to Bulldoze The City And More!

Image from Curbed Toronto

LAUNCH PARTY— Join us on Monday, November 25 at the Drake Hotel for a Curbed and Eater launch party. Come, drink and chat. We'd love to meet you!

RENTERS WEEK— Curbed kicked off its annual Renters Week where we explore the good, the bad and the just plain weird in the world of rentals. We looked at some historical rental ads from 1913 and the 10 most expensive rentals in Toronto right now. Curbed also did a "Craigslist Power Hour" featuring the best, worst and just plain terrible from Craigslist rental ads.

KING WEST— Architect Frank Gehry and Torontonian David Mirvish were at city hall this week to discuss whether four heritage buildings will be demolished to make way for their proposed Mirvish+Gehry towers on King Street. Gehry raised a few eyebrows when he commented "there are only two buildings in the city worth saving: Old City Hall and Osgoode Hall." Needless to say, Toronto Tweeters had a lot to say about that.

ENTERTAINMENT DISTRICT— We also featured the Trump Tower's most expensive hotel room in our on-going luxury hotel series. Their presidential suite is 2,500 square feet, comes with access to a private lounge, outdoor terrace and 24-hour concierge service. It will only cost you $20K per night.

BRIDLE PATH— This week, Curbed features some extravagant listings including two properties claiming to be a "Palace of Versailles." One property is in Vaughan listed for $17.8M and the other is on the Bridle Path for $14M. We compared both properties in our real estate deathmatch to see who wins the gold-plated title of the "Real Versailles Knock-Off."