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Caplansky's Deli Opening Two Locations at Pearson Airport in 2014

The smoked meat sandwich lover's favourite local delicatessen and food truck, Caplansky's, has confirmed via Twitter that they will be opening two locations at Toronto's Pearson Airport in 2014.

Pearson has been upping the ante in terms of dining; they've opened up a slew of new restaurants in Terminals 1 and 3, including Vinifera, Nobel Burger Bar inspired by Mark McEwan, Corso with a menu by chef Rocco Agostino, Heirloom Bakery & Café, McEwan's Fetta Panini Bar and Toronto brewer Brock Shepherd's Apropos.

Having recently dined airside, it's about time Toronto upped their airport fare game. Terminal 3 at Heathrow in London, England, for example, offers diners takeaway sandwich and snacks options as well as a casual British pub, a French bistro, an Italian cafe, two seafood and oyster bars, and an upscale "British" gastropub (the resto's name is actually in quotation marks, maybe because they're not that British, but they do offer fancy pub grub like a really lovely lamb burger served with sweet potato fries).

The new restaurants at Pearson are all slight variations on the same theme: stylish decor, technologically savvy, a selective menu and steep prices. It's clear what they are trying to achieve but, to quote Cher from Clueless, they're pretty much a full-on Monet: okay from far away but up close just a big old mess.

Giving every diner an iPad seems like a good idea in theory, but actually creates way more problems than needed when the servers actually refuse to take orders vis-a-vis; diners MUST order via the iPad, something that confused many a Baby Boomer who sat hungrily at Vinifera's stylish bar. And why does a plate of nothing but arugula with lemon and olive oil (albeit delicious) cost $16?

Here's hoping Caplansky's , a Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives featured restaurant, sticks to its College Street roots by serving up quality eats rather than being another all-style-no-substance way to get ready for takeoff.


Have you dined at any of Pearson's new restaurants? Which one was your favourite and why? Which ones need improving? Leave your comments below or email the tipline:!
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