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Engraved Chalices; Veggielicious; Sauced!

[The Local/Yelp]

TORONTO— The LCBO is offering custom engraved chalices to anyone who buys two six-packs of Stella Artois today. There will be an on-site engraver at 2 Cooper Street in Toronto. [Eaterwire]

TORONTOVeggielicious is going strong until November 30 at various locations around the city. Participating restaurants like Magic Oven, Milagro Cantinas, Pizza Rustica and Sadie's Diner are cooking up special vegetarian dishes and helping raise awareness of the environmental impact that meat eaters inflict on this fragile, fragile world. []

WEST QUEEN WEST— Taking place on November 23 at 99 Sudbury, it's Sauced! This celebration of hot sauce features 10 top chefs, special hot sauces and food samples. The only question is who will host the Ring of Fire Expo on November 24? [Post City]