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18 Essential Toronto Hotels; Next Week is Renters Week!

Celebrate the launch of Curbed and Eater Toronto on Monday, November 25 at the Drake Hotel with Ivy Knight and 86'D! Come eat, drink and meet the team!

HOTEL 18— Introducing Curbed Toronto's pick for The 18 Essential Toronto Hotels. Included on our list are awesome hotels like the trendy Shangri-La, Ritz-Carlton, The Thompson, and the lesser known, Ivy at Verity. One commenter thought we should have included the Holiday Inn Express on our list. Although we're sure it's a fine hotel, we have to disagree on that one.

RENTERS WEEK— Curbed's annual Renters Week begins Monday. We are giving one lucky winner $2,500 towards a home furnishings store of their choice. Here's the details!

ON THE MARKET— This week we featured some gorgeous homes on the market. Here's a modern four bedroom near Lawrence and Avenue Road asking $2.5 million and a house in the posh Rosedale neighbourhood gets a price cut from $6.5 million to $5.6 million. We also love this cozy winter cottage in Collingwood with indoor pool and parking for 20 cars.

DOWNTOWN— While we know it must be difficult to name a condo building, there are some oddball names out there. We've compiled a list of the city's most unique, terrible or just plain weird condo names. Have any to add? Just say so in the comments section.

THE ANNEX— Did you know that Honest Ed's has an underground parking lot? We explored this lot and found a mysterious Rolls-Royce parked beneath. Who owns this car? Some speculate it was owned by the late Ed Mirvish while others believe it was used in a former theatre production. Find out the answer on the Curbed Toronto site!