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Touhenboku Ramen Now Open on Queen West

Touhenboku Ramen
Phone: 416-596-8080
Address: 261 Queen Street West
Status: Open

This 36 seat ramen joint is the newest addition to the trendy Queen West neighborhood. According to their website, CEO Okuyama Zuimei decided to open his own place because he couldn't find any ramen he wanted to eat: "I want people to know the true taste of ramen and have it be fresh. So I make my own noodles in house from scratch without preservatives. The taste is just better." Unlike most ramen chefs, Touhenboku's Keiichi Machida uses chicken broth. The homemade noodles can be ordered "thick" or "thin". Toronto Life goes into more detail, explaining that these noodles are made from a proprietary own blend of protein rich flour in order to achieve a chewier texture and the machine used to make make them costs $40,000. This early review mentions the broth options including a rich "original" flavor and a clearer "light" one. This Yelper adds to the broth options, mentioning a "black" broth which has garlic in it and "red" one, which is spicy. Touhenboku is open from 11 a.m. until 12 a.m. every day.
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— Layla Khabiri
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