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Nadège Patisserie Celebrates Giller Prize with Custom Rose P'tit Choux

Macaron madame Nadège Nourian is getting Giller fever and it's spread to her Patisserie's newest flavoured P'tit Choux: rose, in honour of the literary prize. Today at 11:00 a.m. CBC's Jian Ghomeshi, host of Q, announced the five shortlisted Giller finalists and Nadège's delicacies were there to highlight the occasion, with an additional custom P'tit Choux inspired each nominee's selected tome. Although these five flavours were only available at the press conference, the rose P'tit Choux will be sold at Nadège Patisserie's Queen West and Rosedale locations starting October 29.

Nourian has lots to celebrate right now. The fourth-generation pastry chef and proprietor has just had a baby, she's bringing an exclusive Peruvian chocolate to Toronto, and she's launching an e-commerce site in November.

The e-Boutique will allow macrons to be delivered outside the GTA for the first time because of an innovative box design that keeps the ever-so-dainty treats intact. They shatter like eggshells in anything else. Great news for fans of the French patisserie's signature treat, although with her selection of P'tit Choux, cakes and chocolates (not to mention savoury snacks like ham-and-cheese croissants), it's getting harder and harder to decide what to order.

And it's not just the Marie Antoinette that's so belle. The decor inside Nadège's original location on Queen West is very similar to London's Ottolenghi bakeshops: thick white counters with sharp corners, minimal in design, very clean and bright, but full of the cutest, charming-est, prettiest delicacies. Staff probably meticulously wipe off scuff marks when patrons aren't looking just like they do in Belgravia.

[Photo courtesy of Nadège Patisserie]

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