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New Uproar Over US Chef Boycott of Canadian Seafood

Over 40 Food & Wine Best New Chefs in America signed a pledge this year to boycott Canadian seafood in protest of the country's commercial seal hunt. Yesterday TV host Anthony Bourdain, who himself has been on a seal hunt in Inukjuak, Quebec, took to twitter to condemn the move, writing that a "total ban dooms the indigenous people above arctic circle to death or relocation." Meanwhile Montreal chef Dave McMillan told Eater, "America produces the most industrially processed food on the planet. Why don't they look in their own grocery stores for things to boycott?" Says Inuit seal hunter Charlie Nowkawalk, "The seal hunt is a vital part of Inuit heritage. This is our culture."

Meanwhile, a rep for the Human Society of the Unites States notes that the ban targets commercial seal slaughter and the commercial fishing industry. She ads, "This is the largest slaughter of marine mammals on the planet and there's no need for it."

Eater Montreal is all over the story, so check back for more updates.
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