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First Impressions at Round; Obika Closes

DOWNTOWN— International Italian chain Obikà Mozzarella Bar has closed its Brookfield Place location. The cheese bar opened just a few years ago after much anticipation and now the website is down and there's a notice of lease termination posted to the door, Post City reports. [Post City]

KENSINGTON MARKET— Martha Stortz over at BlogTO visits Round a new event space and restaurant in the space of the Augusta House at the lower end of Augusta Ave. The space includes a dance floor, a large seating area, a pool table, and a bar. She writes, "The feel of Round is bound to change with every event, since each one is so different, but the decor, cool bartenders and relatively cheap beer make it a fun place to hang out." [BlogTO]

FINANCIAL DISTRICT— Post City checks in on the new location of Hapa Izakaya at the Ritz Carlton and notes, "the new location won't live up to your raucous expectations (this is The Ritz, after all). Instead, what you'll find is the same Japanese fare that has made Hapa a hit." [Post City]
[Photo via Facebook/Obika]