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Keriwa Closed; Hot Chefs; Moving Cookbooks

The Samuel J. Moore/Yelp

PARKDALE— Aboriginal resto Keriwa Café is closed for good. This is sad. There is a dearth of Aboriginal cuisine in this city and hopefully someone will open up a quality replacement soon. [Post City]

WEST QUEEN WESTToronto's Hottest Chef takes place on October 30 at The Great Hall. Tickets are $35 and the event will be hosted by Zane Caplanksy (of eponymous deli fame). Instead of eight contestants, there will be nine because of a tie in the semi-finals. Expect to see Robin Dutt of the Drake Hotel, Leah Wildman of Fit Squad, Adam Alguire of County General, and more. [Eaterwire]

YORKVILLEThe Cookbook Store has to move as its building was purchased by condo developers. Because Toronto needs more condos and less cookbooks (not). However, owner Alison Fryer says this is not the end; it's the beginning of something "bigger, brighter and better." [Post City]