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Chuck Hughes is Definitely Coming to TO

Eater Toronto is still officially on Chuck Hughes watch and, while we caught up with the Montreal chef at the Delicious Food Show's VIP lounge on the weekend, he wasn't ready to spill any details of his forthcoming Toronto restaurant.

He did, however, offer up that it's definitely happening, noting, "Toronto is a big plan of mine, hopefully within the next year. But so much goes into opening a restaurant even when it's back home so [opening a place in Toronto] is the double the effort."

As for the location, Chuck was somewhat elusive, offering only that he he's still actively looking but has no rock solid addresses or dates yet. The unofficial speculation, as people sipped their Sam Adams and waited for a no-show Martha Stewart, was that Hughes did indeed have his sights set on Baldwin Village as has been rumoured.

When pressed about the city's restaurant scene, Hughes told Eater, "I feel like people really know about the Toronto food scene now--but it's actually been really good for awhile. You just needed to know the spots and you needed to know the right people."
— Ben Johnson
[Photo: Garde Manger/Yelp]
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