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Rhum Corner, Big Crow, Buonanotte & More

Steven Davey is not too impressed with Jen Agg's latest Haitian resto, Rhum Corner. He says it's easy on the wallet but "hard to love" due to the lack of authenticity and flavour in many dishes. Agg continues to draw hype, but it seems to be mainly because of her success with Black Hoof Café than for Rhum Corner's food. [NOW]

Davey also hits up Big Crow for brunch and finds it "much easier to stomach" than Anthony Rose's first establishment, adjacent Rose and Sons. Despite charging $2 for a mug of instant coffee, Big Crow provides a delicious campfire experience with smoky Perth County pork belly and his PB&J pork chop. [NOW]

Toto Schillaci visits swank supper club Buonanotte, Toronto's take on the Montreal original. Schillaci melts over the beef carpaccio and says the swordfish ceviche "packs more punch than the traditional Peruvian" dish. Buonanotte offers a wood-fired pizza for $30 that Schillaci says is "pricey" but "like biting into a soft, fluffy cloud." Oh and apparently the resto sends its VIPs comp dessert platters. [BlogTO]

Caroline Aksich goes to Willowdale for a "bourbon, tequila and taco restaurant" experience at Estrella Taqueria. Czech Republic-born sommelier and owner Otta Zapotocky has created a menu that "reveals hints of cross-pollination" with his Leaside bistro, L'Avenue. The taqueria, inspired by a Chicago resto called Big Star, "shows dedication in exporting the downtown formula uptown." L'Avenue chef Jeremy Dyer heads up the kitchen. [Post City]

Rebecca Fleming is satisfied but not stuffed at Zocalo Bistro in that no-man's-land between the Junction and Bloordale. Owners Heather Braaten and Paul Hardy lost chef Joel MacMillan when he opened Me & Mine but replaced him with Meaghan Robbins, who returns to the resto after leaving The Saint. The "adorable and cozy restaurant" offers light but flavourful fare, with strong emphasis on "broken bread sandwiches" which are basically Ikea-style, assemble-your-own lunches."Things get romantic at night," says Fleming, when patrons indulge on Zocalo's $10 cocktails. [Grid]

[Photo: Buonanotte/Yelp]

Estrella Taqueria

4899 Yonge Street, Toronto, Ontario M2N 5N4 416-222-1500

Rhum Corner

9926 Dundas Street West, Toronto, Ontario

Big Crow

176 Dupont Street, Toronto, Ontario M5R 2E6 647-748-3287