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Casa Loma Might Become a Restaurant

Casa Loma/Yelp

Liberty Entertainment Group has put in a proposal to turn Casa Loma into a restaurant. If approved, Toronto's only castle would get a restaurant on the main floor and its library and sunroom would remain available for events like weddings. Liberty Group already owns Rosewater Supper Club and Spice Route (as well as Liberty Grand, C Lounge, Courthouse, Tattoo Rock Parlour, Ciao, Cibo, the Phoenix and Velvet Underground) ... so they know a thing or two about touristy restos.

While their venues are not exactly known for culinary genius, they are popular. Spice Route is listed as one of the World's Best Bars for instance, and Rosewater has been a Bay Street executives standby for years.

What will their Casa Loma restaurant be like? Chances are it would be a good looking space, that's for sure, and if it includes a nightlife component there will probably be many a bachelorette party held there in addition to the lucrative wedding scene.

What do you think about this proposal? Should Casa Loma become a restaurant? Leave your comments below!

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Casa Loma

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