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Celebrate Guy Fawkes Night With a Sausage Fest

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It's Guy Fawkes Night on November 5, and Christie Pits' miniature gastropub The Bristol Yard will hosting a Guy Fawkes Party with a cheeky all banger menu, too.

For those not in the know, this night is when people across the pond have bonfires to celebrate the failed assassination of their king by gunpowder explosives in 1605.

Cost for the Yard's event is $20 and the featured sausages include Cumberland, Oxford, Scottish Lorne, Marylebone, West Country, Yorkshire and Vale of Evesham. There will also be veggies, mash and Yorkshire puddings, of course.
[Photo: The Bristol Yard/Yelp]

There's more than just sausage, though, when it comes to British cuisine. Elm Street's Queen and Beaver Pub is proof positive that the UK's boring food reputation should change. Its fine dining menu includes smokey cock-a-leekie soup, hedgerow terrine with spiced Barbary duck, wood-roast brace of quail and venison sausage with mulled pear. So popular, is the Q&B, that they opened a sister pub in Yorkville last year called The Oxley.

Over Ossington way, The Saint and The Grove both showcase the best of British fare. And for those into mobile dining, The Feisty Jack does the same on wheels.

Where do you go for great British food: a pub or somewhere fancier? What's your favourite British restaurant in Toronto? Leave your comments below or email!

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The Bristol Yard

146 Christie Street Toronto ON