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Say Hello to Eater Toronto!

eater-toronto.pngHello there, it's Eater Toronto here. Part of the Curbed Network, Eater is known for bringing comprehensive coverage of the restaurant, dining and nightlife scene to all of its regional sites, and we are excited to add Toronto to the repertoire! Toronto's reputation as a world-class foodie mecca is steadily gaining momentum; it's how we best express our multiculturalism. From ramen to ragu, empanadas to escargot—whatever you're craving, the satisfies.

And we Torontonians couldn't be more delighted to join the growing family of Eater websites, which includes Eater National and local sites in 27 North American markets. We're also proud to be launching alongside fellow Canadians Eater Vancouver and Eater Montreal and our sister city sites Curbed Vancouver and Curbed Toronto.

I guess you're wondering who's behind the Eater Toronto curtain? It's me, Carolyn Grisold. I am a freelance writer and managing editor who went to Glendon and the Humber School for Writers, and recently passed my WSET Level 2 Award in Spirits. Resident Torontonian for the past 16 years, I have also lived in England and Sweden, speak fluent Franglais and am obsessed with arugula, dachshunds and getting caught in the rain.

I'm not a picky eater; I'm just particular. And the only thing I'm missing is you.

While I write about the places you go to eat, I can't do it without reader help. If you hear a rumour of a new restaurant opening, let me know. If your BFF bartends at the latest hotspot and tells you the chef is on the outs, drop me a line. If you see or hear something stirring and you need someone to tell, I'm here for you. The only thing we don't publish is #foodporn ('cause Instagram does that enough). So hook me up; I love a good tip: And while you're at it, follow us on twitter at @EaterToronto.

Let's do this!