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A Taste of Kensington's Changing Style

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Kensington Market has a great reputation for restaurants right now. It's changed from a hippy-centric collection of shops to a hippy-centric collection of shops nestled beside some pretty mainstream spots. Consider Fika, the Swedish cafe that is owned and operated by photographer Nikki Leigh McKean and Splendido chef Victor Barry (her husband), with its butter tarts, clean lines and yoga-geared yummy mommies.

There's also Seven Lives Tacos, and of course Cold Tea Bar (the once-hidden gem that's on everyone's hit list). Old favourite Last Temptation attracts the crowds come patio season. Torito had the Spanish fix down before the stampede of tapas joints took over the city. Rasta Pasta is dishing up some Jamaican-Italian fusion these days.

With the condo and Walmart uproar, is it any wonder that styles are changing in Kensington?

Where are some of your favourite places to eat in Kensington? Know of any hidden gems? Exciting goings-on in the Market? Leave your comments below or email

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