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Bugging Out Over Food Shortages

The Atlantic/Yelp

When looking for cockroaches in your dinner, check out the DineSafe report. But to migrate over to a sustainable food source, consider a buggy diet. According to the UN there will be 9 billion people in the world come 2050, and according to David Suzuki's One Ocean documentary, by that time we will have fished the oceans dry. Where else to get protein other than fish and mammal? Why in ants, of course. And grasshoppers. And maggots. And...[insert insect here].

Entomophagy is the proper way to label the act of eating insects. It's a common practice in many parts of the world and an ignorant practice in others (crustaceans are bugs too, eh). But a lot of people in the Western World today are changing their minds about the consumption of creatures once found fit only for the underside of a rolled newspaper.

Where to eat bugs in Toronto: The Atlantic in Little Portugal dishes up some buggy fare. Future of Food Salons pop up in cities around North America to promote entomophagic eating.

Have you eaten insects in Toronto? Where? Leave your faves (and fears) below!

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The Atlantic

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