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Black Creek; Torontoberfest; Parkdale Take-Over


YORKBlack Creek Brewery is hosting a Canadian beer and cheese pairing party on October 17. Tickets cost $33.95 and can be purchased at [NOW]

MIDTOWN The last Brewer's Backyard, "Torontoberfest," takes place on Thanksgiving Monday (October 14) at Evergreen Brick Works from 12-4pm and features brews from Beau's and Black Oak, plus a snaus fest from Wvrst (including bison, venison and vegan sausages and their infamous duck fat fries). Free. [Eaterwire]

PARKDALEFood & Liquor is starting a bar take-over series October 14 featuring James Playford from Cafe Bar Pasta. Other competitors include Nick Baldassare (October 21), Doug Twigger (October 28) and Veronica Saye (November 4). [BlogTO]