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Eat Local; Order In; Tour Kensington

Hawthorne Food and Drink/Facebook

TORONTOLocavores unite! This Where to Eat Local guide includes menu reviews, recipes, ethical butchers, sustainable fishmongers and farmers' markets. [NOW]

KENSINGTON MARKET— There's a Thanksgiving Food Tour taking place in Kensington on Sunday. It costs $56.50 and focuses on the history of the market and how it's evolved. []

TORONTO— For those who are bunkering down for the coming cold weather, or who can't be bothered to change out of their jammies and go eat amongst strangers, this handy Guide to Deliveries has got you covered. And it's no longer just Pizza Pizza who'll answer your call. [The Grid]

TORONTO— Who doesn't want to go live under the sea? Like Marge said to Homer, "That's your solution for everything!" But for those of us who've lost our gills, we can take solace by stuffing our faces with seafood instead. Even better when it arrives via mobile restaurant. [Toronto Food Trucks]